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Car Insure Savings Announce over 100,000 Visitors in Two Months


Cincinnati, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2012 -- Getting the best rate on car insurance can be a nightmare. The saturation of the market with providers has worked both ways- while initially pundits expected this to increase competition and drive down prices, the reality has seen many providers able to create higher premiums due to the difficulty in finding a low premium hiding amidst the crowd. Price comparison sites have gone some way to counter this, but only the most comprehensive can be trusted. Car Insure Savings are a brand new site that has been causing waves in the industry due to its exhaustive and localized approach.

The site has been created to help individuals lower their auto insurance rates by comparing prices in a novel way, arranging results by the location of the insurer relative to that of the user. The sites unique approach has resonated with consumers with over 110,000 visitors to the sites in less than two months.

The site also offers detailed editorial content covering topics such as how consumers can lower insurance rates, fitting a tracker being one of the sites top tips. The sites editorial content also covers a detailed set of frequently asked questions on the intricacies of policies, in addition to introductory essays on insurers, policies and rates.

The quotation interface has been designed to be user friendly with significant investment and expertise into making the user experience quick and intuitive. This investment has paid instant dividends with a 15% opt in rate from visitors.

A spokesperson for the site gave some insight into their instant success:

“Our localized service allows people searching online to quickly eliminate a lot of results which may seem promising but are in fact irrelevant to them, as the quote may not be valid outside the insurer’s state of origin. By prioritizing local companies, those smaller insurers that slip through the cracks on most comparison sites are put front and centre. More often than not their rates are far more competitive than nationwide insurers spending millions of dollars on marketing, allowing you to lower your bill on car insurance. We can only strive to continue our high quality of service and attract still more customers. We also take seriously our objective to help the consumer understand how to lower their costs and we strive to provide the latest most insightful data and tips to meet this goal.”

About Car Insure Savings
Car Insure Savings was launched in October 2012 and has had over 110,000 visitors to its site with a fifteen percent opt in rate to help others lower their insurance bill. Getting quotes with Car Insure Savings takes less than a few minutes and users are on their way to getting low cost car insurance quotes. For more information, please visit: