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Cincinnati, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2012 -- Car insurance has always been a competitive market, and with the advent of the internet the competition has intensified considerably. While some providers refuse to be listed on price comparison sites, this tactic is seeing diminishing returns as the process becomes more ubiquitous. While this may be a great idea for seeing which of the major national providers can give the best offer, these sites frequently miss smaller local insurers who are trying hard to get a foothold in the larger market. Carinsuresavings is ahead of the curve in the next evolution of the internet, taking their search engine local to allow individuals to search for quotes by zipcode.

Insure Cars Easy offers numerous advantages in using this technique, ensuring that consumers are only finding relevant results for their local area as well as flagging up numerous small businesses the car owner may not previously have been aware of. Because they generally operate less aggressive marketing strategies and employ lower numbers of staff, these smaller companies are often in a position to offer better quotes than nationwide conglomerates, as less of a car owner’s premium is spent on overheads.

Consumers can use the site by simply entering their zip code into the search bar and clicking “get quotes” for instant access to a database of local providers that can yield results in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee. With the process assured to be easier than ever, it’s no wonder such processes are becoming more ubiquitous as a market force.

A spokesperson for the company encouraged users to give it a try,

“Our tool allows people to get a quote in minutes. We hope the speed and simplicity of the tool will encourage consumers to get at least three quotes, this will give them the best opportunity of finding the best insurer. Each state has over one hundred insurers and our site allows consumers to compare and contrast them to get the best coverage at the most affordable price. Most consumers don’t shop around when renewing their car insurance but we’re hoping our site will encourage consumers to lock in those savings.” ”

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