Car Leasing Deals Are the Best Way to Obtain a New Car at the Cheapest Prices

The amount of cheap car lease deals are increasing every month since 2008 and a leading UK company celebrate 10 years in supplying lease cars at amazing prices.


Sutton-in-Ashfield, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2014 -- Car leasing deals are increasing the number of new cars sold month on month at the fastest rate since 2008. An increasing number of people who want a better car realize that cheap car leasing is more cost effective than buying one.

The UK car leasing industry is seeing a growing demand for top brand cars to lease. are now in their 10th year in car lease deals, with fantastic savings.

The company has always prided themselves on their reputation and their ability to have customers use us time and time again.

Obviously with a new car, there is a warranty; that means no big bills should the car break down. That’s certainly a worry for people buying second hand cars. Prices are far more inviting than a main dealers, with savings of up to 25% being commonplace.

Car leasing can be much cheaper than people realise, especially on top marques. To lease Mercedes Benz deals for example. Most people don’t have the cash lying about to buy a car outrigtht which is why lease cars make more sense than they used to- that is when the costs of interest on a loan to buy a car, maintenance and road tax are all added to the equasion.

Car leasing has more pro’s than con’s when everything is take into account. Of course it helps to make the right choice in the first instance. Personal leasing deals is one option, PCP (personal contract purchase) is another. Many claim cheap car leasing is the most affordable way to buy a dream car. And for those in business, contract hire can be put down to offsetting the cost’s of running a business these days.

Here are some things to bear in mind when choosing to buy or lease:

-Pick a car that depreciates very little as this will make it cheaper to lease. Surprisingly, many top manufacturers have cars that depreciate really slowly as they are so in demand which makes for surprisingly cheap car leasing options.
-No massive depreciation. Studies show the average depreciation of a bought new car is around 20% per year. So if one buys a brand new car for £30,000, after the 1st year they have lost up to £6,000!
-Hassle free motoring!

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