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Car Owners Banish Dents Forever With the Help of Ding Wizard


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2012 -- There is nothing more annoying than the minor dents and dings that can accumulate on a car. While everyone agrees that having a few dings is no reason to take a car in for a new paint job, many wish that they could once again have a shiny, new-looking car. Auto body repair has truly evolved in the last couple of decades, and now paintless dent repair has become an easy and cost-effective way for car owners to remove those minor irregularities without paying for their entire car to be repainted.

Paintless dent repairs are increasing in popularity and so is a website called, which is a valuable resource for car owners who want to keep up the appearance of their vehicles. This website offers numerous articles for car owners who want to learn paintless dent repair techniques in order to fix their own cars or even become professional paintless dent repair technicians.

The Ding Wizard website explains all the advantages of paintless dent repair training: “Paintless dent repair allows the owner of the damaged vehicle to maintain their original paint integrity and get their car repaired quick. The dents will be gone and the car will look like a bright new shiny penny.”

The website continues, “Paintless Dent Repair numbers are up almost 60%, and they are forecasted to jump up another 20 – 30% by the end of this year. With all the tornadoes and climate change in effect, the business is only going upward.”

Those interested in paintless dent repair and general auto body training will want to consult the Ding Wizard website for its information about this type of education. Paintless dent repair training is available nationwide and can be researched on the website. Training price quotes are available online by filling out a simple form. In addition to training, the Ding Wizard also offers paintless dent removal services for cars, trucks, vans and SUVs.

The Ding Wizard website has articles on a wide variety of subjects including paint repair, wheel repair and auto detailing. Visitors can even sign up for Twitter updates so that they can stay informed about the latest body repair and training news. Car owners can also consult the company’s YouTube video in order to gain further insight on its offerings.

About Ding Wizard
Founder Brian James is an experienced paintless dent removal technician and trainer with over 20 years of field experience. In addition to providing dent removal services, he also teaches, organizing international hail repair teams, Paintless Dent Removal Tech groups and more.

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