Car Phone Holder Compatible with All Smartphones Becomes a Big Seller on Amazon

Having a car phone mount is an important safety feature for car drivers in a world where more road accidents are being caused due to mobile phone usage


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2015 -- Mobile phones have become a growing problem for the emergency services. With more people owning a cell phone and being tempted to use it while driving, the emergency services are finding themselves attending more road traffic accidents. One company who has found a solution to reducing road traffic accident is enviCAR

EnviCar recently launched a cell phone holder for cars to help reduce accidents caused by people using cell phones while driving. The cell phone holder allows the driver to put their phone in a safe place before they start driving. That allows them not to be tempted to put the phone on their lap and answer it while driving.

One of the biggest causes of road traffic accidents relating to a cell phone is when the phone rings and the driver has the phone on their lap. The driver then tries to answer the phone, which could due to it not being secured, fall on the floor. Without thinking, many drivers will reach the floor to pick up the phone, and this is when accidents occur, and lives can and have been lost.

Car Mount by enviCar (, allows the driver to put the phone on the car vent and have it at eye level. That allows the driver to have their cell phone secured properly and if they need to answer it in an emergency, they can do so in a safer way than they would the phone was resting on their lap.

Since the launch of the Car Mount by enviCar, it has become one of the most trusted cell phone holders on Amazon priced at $19.97. With its premium quality, ultra durable design, and being compatible with all smartphones, it has become one of the biggest cell phone holders on Amazon.

- ULTIMATE CONVENIENCE - Easily mount your smartphone at eye level while you drive for faster GPS directions and to avoid unnecessary distractions on the road. This car mount can easily be mounted horizontally, vertically, or on an angle based on your preference. Plus, it's fully equipped with two powerful grip settings to fit on small or larger vents.
- EASILY ADJUSTABLE - car mount is fully compatible with all Android, iPhone, Samsung, Galaxy, Blackberry, and Windows phones. Plus, the flexible design will fit on ALL car vents.
- MULTI-USE - Easily access your charging port and audio input so you can charge your battery, listen to music or answer calls on the go. Also, you can rotate the mount horizontally, vertically or angled for better viewing.
- PREMIUM PROTECTION - Features powerful grips to hold your phone safely and securely in place while driving. Also, the grips will not scratch, stain or damage your dashboard.
- BEST VALUE - enviCAR cell phone holder offers the best quality compared to other brands. Plus, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee so you can order with confidence.

A spokesman for enviCar said: "To celebrate the success of the product we have launched a special limited discount where consumers can save 50% off the original price.

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About Car Mount by enviCar
The car mount by enviCar provides consumers with a quality cell phone holder for all smartphones.