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Car Rental Comparison Website CarRental.com.au Surveys 100,000 Customers to Learn About Practices


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2012 -- Every year, millions of people across Australia book rental vehicles. Independent price comparison websites are helping the growth and generating bookings in record numbers for the big rental companies.

For years, CarRental.com.au has helped customers get the best deal on car rentals. The independent website saves its thousands of clients as much as $80 per day by comparing car rental prices from all the major rental companies.

Recently, the Australian car hire and campervan website surveyed 100,000 of its customers to learn more about the practices of the major car rental companies.

CarRental.com.au conducted the survey on its Facebook page after customers raised service quality concerns.

In general, the results of the survey showed that while customers typically got what they paid for, more than 20 percent reported that they were confused by their bill.

For example, in some cases customers had been forwarded a toll notice so late that it had fines applied by the toll road operators. In other instances, customers complained about post-pickup charges for non-existent damage.

Hidden fees were another area that caused concern among customers who took part in the survey. About 25 percent of respondents claimed that they had been charged hidden fees, with the figures ranging between $10 and $3,000.

“After hiring many cars over the last few years, the original quoted price is always about half of what you actually pay,” reported a frequent care hirer and survey respondent.

“Insurance, toll fees, and petrol usually double the price.”

Nathan Joyce, General Manager of CarRental.com.au, said that while some of these fees were refunded, customers should always carefully check their credit card statements after dropping off a vehicle.

“It pays to do your research up front or make sure you ask about tolls and insurance when you book so that you know what you are in for when you make a decision,” said Nathan Joyce.

“Many consumers may not even be aware they have been billed certain fees.”

Joyce said he is happy that so many clients were willing to take part in the survey.

“It’s good to have loyal customers who jump at the chance to give their feedback on their car rental experience. It helps us gauge customers’ needs and provide feedback to the rental companies,” Joyce said.

“We hope that by publishing these findings we can get more clarity in the car hire industry.”

About CarRental.com.au
CarRental.com.au is an online price comparison service. CarRental.com.au doesn’t charge any service fees and it also promotes dozens of exclusive coupons that can be redeemed by customers. The company’s aim is to promote transparency in the car rental industry. For more information, please contact Nathan Joyce at 1300 613 833 or nathan@carrental.com.au or visit www.carrental.com.au