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CarAraC Expands Parts and Accessories Recommendations to Include Oil, Filters and Coolers

CarAraC has increased the number of product recommendations available on its website by including oil and associated accessories searchable by make and model, making maintenance faster than ever.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2014 -- Car maintenance has transformed in the last twenty years. Cars used to be a primarily manual device, which worked mechanistically and could be maintained merely by understanding how the moving parts related to one another. Now however, cars are more electronic than ever, and diagnostic computers make it impossible for people to maintain their cars themselves, a design sure to please mechanics everywhere. However, with the right parts, users can still replace and maintain elements of their cars themselves to save money. CarAraC, a website that has been getting a lot of attention lately, helps them do just that.

CarAraC arranges a huge catalog of parts, spares and accessories into a search-engine like categorized database. In this way, they enable users to find only the items that are compatible with the owners make and model. They have recently expanded their range of products to include oil, oil filters, and oil coolers.

This comes on the heels of regular expansions including air filters, brake fluid, transmission fluid and more, which can be safely replaced by an individual at home without the need to rely on auto spares shops. The site makes recommendations for the best products to use and in doing so, eliminates the need for manual research as well as the possibility of mistakes.

A spokesperson for explained, “Oil changes are one of the most common maintenance procedures done on cars, and doing them at home actually enables drivers to save a significant amount of money relative to taking a car into the shop. With our site individuals needn’t worry about making mistakes in buying oil, filters and coolers because we only show suitable products according to the make and model the customer owns, so while they have choices between multiple brands, they’ll never pick an incompatible product. This makes it safe to save so much money over hiring a mechanic. Our site has grown a legion of loyal fans because we allow them to find information about cars very quickly, whether it be fuel consumption information, engine power or the essentials like what oil is required for what car and these latest additions to the website won’t be the last we have some exciting resources coming soon.”

About CarAraC
CarAraC is a website that allows users to source parts and accessories, engine oil, maintenance tools and more by car make and model, in order to bypass the need for user manual research by collating all such information in one place. The site is constantly expanding the range of products it offers to provide the most complete service possible to users. For more information please visit: