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Carb Back-Loading Review Reveals How to Eat Well and Look Great publishes a review to Carb Back-loading, the only fitness program that promises to help users burn fat, while eating the foods they enjoy most.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2013 -- The Carb Back-loading program, reviewed by Daily Gossip, shows that fat loss can be achieved even when people consume carbohydrate rich foods. This alternative approach to weight loss allows users to eat as much carbs as they want.

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Consequently, foods such as pasta, bread and pizza don’t have to be banned from diet. However, for the fat loss goals to be achieved, the method has to be implemented correctly, so carbs should be used wisely, in the body’s advantage.

According to, this method was developed by John Kiefer, who is a reputed fitness professional. His manual can be used by any individual who wants to learn how to stay fit and increase self-confidence.

The revolutionary guide will help users build muscles, without having to restrain themselves from the foods they prefer eating. The manual is the result of more than 2 decades of study and research, so its findings are scientifically proven.

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Unlike most fitness plans that recommend eating carbs at breakfast, this method sustains that doing so will only increase body fat. Eating carbs as soon as waking up will boost the cortisol hormone, determining it to store more fat. This is why the new method recommends eating carbs after exercising, as this way the body will transform them into energy. Eating carbs towards the end of the day is the best idea. Low carb consumption is recommended through the entire day, until the post-workout time, which should occur in the evening.

According to John Kiefer the key to fat loss and muscle building actually lies in the correct use of carbohydrates. Exactly what users have to do to achieve this goal is something easily accessible in John’s eBook. The guide which features over 300 pages, is a complex manual on the way to correct nutrition and impressive fat loss results.

The method is very safe and it requires no self-deprivation. John Kiefer claims that his program will never have harmful consequences on health, as all the tips it provides are part of healthy living.