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Carbolic Oil Market by Product Size and Segment Forecast to 2025


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2018 -- Global Carbolic Oil Market: Snapshot

Also known as middle oil, carbolic oil is a fraction that is extracted via coal-tar distillation that typically contains tar acids, and often, naphthalene. The complex mixture of coal tar is made from condensable organic components and emerges from coal carbonization. Extraction of phenol is the most prominent application of carbolic oil, which is a highly important industrial commodity that is frequently used to synthesize plastics and other alternatives.

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The chemical derivatives of carbolic oil are used for the production of numerous pharmaceutical drugs, detergents, nylon, polycarbonates, and herbicides, among others. As the demand for these application segments escalates, the demand in the global carbolic oil market is primed to expand at a notable CAGR during the forecast period of 2017 to 2025.

This report on the global carbolic oil market is a thorough study of its lucrativeness, compiled by a group of experienced research analysts, aspiring to serve as a reliable decision-making tool for its targeted audiences. This report contains in-depth analysis of all factors including trends, opportunities, and restraints, and their eventual impact over the demand for carbolic oil have been evaluated. Moving on, the report bifurcates the market into several segments in order to explore the profitability of various aspects of the market. Realizing the fact that many of its audiences work under limited geographies, the report has divided and showcased the lucrativeness of various regions and countries in terms of demand. Finally, the report has a featured chapter on the competitive landscape of the global carbolic oil market, wherein a number of leading companies have been profiled for their business overview, production strength, product portfolio, geographical presence, and recent strategic decisions.

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Global Carbolic Oil Market: Trends and Opportunities

Carbolic oil, from which phenol is extracted, finds various applications in molecular biology. The prosperity of the cosmetics industry is the primary driver of the global carbolic oil market, wherein manufacturers use it for the production of skin lightening creams, sunscreen, and hair coloring solutions. Simultaneous extraction of bases and phenols for carbolic oil is done by using methanol-water mixture and hexane as solvents. The common phenol hydroquinone is the component of photograph developer that reduces the exposed silver bromide crystals to black metallic silver.