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Carbon Cycle Crush Now Enables Customers to Buy Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil and Forget the Petrochemicals


Spokane, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/18/2014 -- Carbon Cycle Crush now enables its customers to buy expeller-pressed Canola oil and helps companies reduce the needs of petrochemicals. Because of its long-chain polymers property, Canola is considered to be the top quality oil for manufacturers who deal with plastics and for companies who have the need for bio-based lubricants.

Carbon Cycle Crush crushes the seeds which causes the natural oil and meal to come out. A spokesperson stated, “That’s it. We literally wring the oil out of the seed at our crush facilities — there are no added steps or chemical (hexane) extraction processes used to procure our expeller-pressed Canola oil. No excessive heat is used during the extraction process, so all the natural benefits are left intact.”

Revealing more about Canola Oil, he said, “Canola is the highest quality oil for manufacturers of plastics because of its long-chain polymers. Plastic products currently produced from petroleum can just as easily be made from bio-oils, a more environmentally sustainable option.”

At Carbon Cycle Crush, one canbuy expeller-pressed Canola meal as the company offers an all-natural meal with the utmost nutrients and residual standards possible. The company also provides customers with information about Canola farming, Canola meal, and Canola oil andlubricants.

About Carbon Cycle Crush
It was founded by Tim King and Ryan Skinner as a replicable and sustainable business model for agricultural communities. They crush Canola seed and sell the oil and meal by-products. Carbon Cycle Crush helps farmers and ranchers create economically, socially and environmentally sustainable businesses by driving a consistent demand for crops, providing educational support, creating local jobs and selling high-quality oil and meal. Carbon Cycle Crush is driven by a vision of re-balancing the carbon cycle in agricultural communities.

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