Carbon Cycle Crush

Carbon Cycle Crush Offers High Quality Canola Oil Biodiesel


Spokane, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2013 -- Carbon Cycle Crush (CCC), a sincere green organization working towards rebalancing the carbon cycle in the agricultural communities of Washington and then the world, offers the highest quality canola biodiesel. An eco-friendly alternative to most of the basic, yet important, daily needs, biodiesel is a credible oxygenated renewable resource and free of sulfur.

Amid the rising environmental issues, the need has presented for a better, productive and nature procuring alternative for petroleum diesel. With the production and use of biodiesel, the overall greenhouse gas emission and can be reduced by 80%. This is a major game changer for the environment.

A spokesperson for CCC further elaborates, “Currently, the earth's carbon cycle is out of balance. From agricultural communities to urban centers, we’re all suffering. And environmentally, we face multiple threats to the beauty and viability of our natural world.”

He adds, “As a renowned Canola oil producer, our one and only aim is to inspire people to introduce bio based lubricants and fuel as an alternative to their non-sustainable equivalents. We don't use a chemical extraction process to procure bulk Canola Oil. Also, no excessive heat is used during the extraction process, so the natural benefits are left intact.”

CCC is also analyzed and certified by Gorge Analytical, which is one of three laboratories in the United States that is certified by the National Biodiesel Board for testing biodiesel. The lab has thoroughly tested the CCC products and has termed what they produce as high quality.

About Carbon Cycle Crush
Carbon Cycle Crush is an environmentally sustainable businesses by driving a consistent demand for crops, providing educational support, creating local jobs and selling high-quality oil and meal. It is driven by a vision of rebalancing the carbon cycle in agricultural communities. It was founded by Tim King and Ryan Skinner as a replicable and sustainable business model for agricultural communities. The organization produces Canola oil and meal that can be provided to a variety of markets.

To know more, please visit: and to purchase raw oil, customers can also call at Oroville facility at 509-476-3667.