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Carbonclix Set to Help Millions of Americans Keep Tomorrow Clean


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2013 -- The UK’s premier carbon offset provider CarbonClix has had an exciting launch in the United States of America this week.

CarbonClix enables individuals to help save the environment by offsetting their carbon footprint.

“We are delighted to launch our popular website to the environmentally conscious US market.” Co-founder Charlotte Carlsen Abraham explains. “Our goal is to help this great nation keep tomorrow clean for the next generation.”

She goes on “Nowadays in our hyper-connected consumer society we are so much more aware of the pressure being placed on planet earth. Most Americans are now choosing to make informed choices with environmental consequences in mind. Our community based website provides advice and tools to help millions of Americans save the planet.”

The CarbonClix website relies on a simple interface which allows users to quickly calculate, reduce and offset. This first step lets Americans understand the impact of their actions on the environment by calculating activities, which create greenhouse gas emissions. The reduction section highlights guaranteed techniques for reducing your carbon footprint, as well as saving money at the same time. Offsetting enables individuals to browse a range of carefully selected projects which will help to neutralize an individual’s carbon footprint.

We urge you to get started, join the community and understand how you can help save the environment by visiting the carbon footprint calculator.

About CarbonClix
CarbonClix, owned by Tramp Carbon, specialises in providing members with the opportunity to calculate their carbon emissions using the popular carbon footprint calculator. The environmentally conscious member community also receive advice on how to reduce their individual carbon footprints and save money at the same time. Many emissions however, cannot be eliminated or reduced and this is where members can choose to offset the rest through carefully selected projects.

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