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Carbonite Offer Code Now Available Exclusively from Onlinebackupoffers.com


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2012 -- Onlinebackupoffers.com, a website that is devoted to featuring the most generous online backup coupon codes on the internet, has announced an exclusive offer from Carbonite. Right now, Carbonite is giving customers up to 21 percent off a 3-year subscription through the website.

In addition, the new Carbonite offer code is offering people a 15-day free risk-free trial with no credit card required. Customers who purchase a 1-year subscription will receive 10 percent off, and those who opt for the 2-year subscription will save 12 percent.

As noted on Onlinebackupoffers.com, the reason a product like Carbonite is so necessary is because in most cases, people do not back up their computer files. According to an article on the website, about 40 percent of Americans never back up their computer, or have not done so in over a year. What makes this statistic particularly troublesome is that over half of Americans have had their computer hard drive crash and fail at one time or another.

While many computer users have good intentions regarding backing up their computer systems, in reality, most do not get around to it. This is why a system like Carbonite and its worry-free automatic and secure full backup system is so vital.

“Carbonite is a secure remote backup service, which stores all of your hard drive safely, remotely, in the cloud,” an article on Onlinebackupoffers.com’s website noted, adding that users only have to install it once in their system to have it run automatically in the background.

“You never have to think about backups again! Just think about having the peace of mind knowing all of your precious data is backed up, safe and secure, remotely in the cloud.”

There are a total of three Carbonite plans from which to choose: Home, HomePlus, and HomePremier. The Home plan is ideal of people who only need to backup their main computer system. The HomePlus package features mirror image backup, which includes all of the installed software packages and operating system as well as data. Onlinebackupoffers.com suggests the HomePlus package for a simple total restore.

The HomePremier Plan features an extra courier recovery service for people who need to restore huge amounts of data quickly, and who cannot wait for the data to be downloaded digitally.

Visitors to the website who are interested in taking advantage of the exclusive savings on a Carbonite plan may click on links that are located on Onlinebackupoffers.com; these will take them to another page where they may purchase the subscription.

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