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CarbrokerX.com Launches VIP Test Drive Program for Car Shoppers Across the United States


San Marino, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/24/2013 -- CarbrokerX.com, a leading provider of free car buying services for car shoppers, has just launched its new and exciting VIP Test Drive program for people across the United States who are shopping for a new vehicle. For some time, CarbrokerX.com has provided their services to consumers in California, but thanks to some recent partnerships, the company has substantially expanded their dealer network to all 50 states.

CarbrokerX’s new VIP Test Drive program provides a level of service that is typically reserved for extremely wealthy consumers. People who are shopping for new or used vehicles will enjoy driving different makes and models of new and used cars from CarbrokerX’s vast network of car dealers. Rather than being hassled by car salesmen at different dealerships—which is an unfortunate and common scenario for people who are buying a new vehicle—CarbrokerX’s VIP Test Drive program sets up arrangements for car shoppers to go directly to dealer management and then directly to the car test drive. Whether it’s a young couple in the market for a new Ford SUV, a family who needs a Toyota minivan or an older couple that wants to buy a pre-owned Honda sedan, CarbrokerX is ready and able to help.

After the test drives of the different autos have been completed, shoppers will continue to work with CarbrokerX. The company will also serve as the car buyer’s agent in getting the best deals for the buyers, all through CarbrokerX’s online and personal car buying service. CarbrokerX will even deliver the car to the car buyer’s home or office.

CarbrokerX also offers people buying and financing tips and advice from industry leaders and experts, and they can also assist in financing a pre-owned vehicle. For example, car buyers can opt-in to find the best lease programs, rebates, and other incentives about most cars straight from the company’s website, utilizing the its secure application system. Users can also download or view the 2013 Car Deals, Incentives and Rebates eBook to find great savings on most makes and models of cars. CarbrokerX.com also helps users negotiate the best car deals with its extensive network of auto dealers.

“With these dealer partnerships, we will be able to significantly improve our success rate in placing our clients with a dealer who are willing to provide the best deals for our customers,” said a company spokesperson. “This is truly a win-win for our consumer clients, our dealer clients, and ultimately our business as a whole.”

The spokesperson also emphasized that these relationships have been largely fueled by the increase in the site’s traffic and user base, which has necessitated a greater reach from the dealer end of the spectrum. In order to provide its services as efficiently as possible, the company uses top-notch technological marketing concepts by eBook Maker and Skyline Apps’ Mobile App Maker.

According to customer testimonials, car buyers are delighted with the services offered by CarbrokerX.com.

“CarbrokerX helped me save time and money. I was given the VIP treatment with various dealerships who rolled out the red carpet to let me test drive the different cars,” H.M. wrote in a review of the company.

“When it was time to negotiate the sale, CarbrokerX was right there helping me negotiate on my behalf. Because CarbrokerX works with many dealers, they gave me great insights and information about car rebates, incentives, and discounts I didn’t know existed. I negotiated my car purchase through CarbrokerX through the comfort of my email at home and office. Finally CarbrokerX.com delivered my new car to my house. From beginning to end, I give CarbrokerX a big two thumbs up.”

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