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Madrid, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2014 --, a website dedicated in reviewing and personally testing various weight-loss supplements available in Spain, has recently tested the increasingly popular natural supplements Carbuloss and Lipo-13. The editors of the website have been impressed by the results and have even called the combination of the two as best natural weight-loss alternative method they have ever witnessed.

The immense surge in the demand of natural weight-loss supplements which started in the U.S. and has now spread across the world especially in Europe is still rising as many manufacturers are finding even effective combinations of the ‘breakthrough ingredients’ which were revealed few years ago. Carbuloss y Lipo 13 are also based on these ingredients and are only few of the many that have received positive feedback from majority of their customers.

The emergence of numerous manufacturers who are claiming they are selling the next ‘hot’ natural weight-loss supplement has caused confusion amongst the great number of interested customers and to make help them make a better informed decision the editors of set out to test the supplements themselves.

One common advice from medical professionals and the editors of is to carefully analyze the composition of the natural supplement. Quality of the ingredient is based on the amount of content (mg) in the supplement. The greater the better say leading medical researchers. This explains the success of Lipo-13 which contains 1500 mg of Citrin® HCA. Citrin® HCA which is a clinically proven extract of the most popular breakthrough ingredient ‘Garcinia Cambogia’ and 1500 mg is far more than what the competitors are offering. Lipo-13 also contains 12 other ingredients including another highly recommended ingredient to maintain an overall good health system, the green tea extract. With combination of these 13 ingredients, the natural supplement is able to assist weight-loss not only in the most effective of ways but also in a very swift manner.

Carbuloss also has multiple natural ingredients, 4 to be exact, and is majorly composed of Fabenol Max® which is derived from white kidney bean extract. Carbuloss is focused on blocking the carbohydrates and is the only one of the few that has been successful in the industry.

The editors of the website after performing their tests have recommended the use of both Carbuloss and Lipo-13 together. The editors are now even offering an exclusive 10% discount on both natural supplements.

About is one of the leading website that provides comprehensive reviews and details of numerous natural weight-loss supplements available in Spain. The editors of the website perform their own personal tests via voluntary subjects to ensure that the claims made by the manufacturers are valid. Through the online platform,, the full reviews and details of the personal tests conducted can be viewed. The editors of the website recently tested the weight-loss supplement Carbuloss and Lipo-13.

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