Carcameradvr Helps Drivers Avoid Being Cheated out of a No Claims Bonus


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2012 -- Driving these days is expensive, and it’s getting more expensive all the time. In addition to the rising costs of fuel and road tax, car insurance seems to be constantly rising in price. A good no-claims bonus can mitigate these costs, but every day drivers lose their no claims bonuses due to accidents that weren’t their fault. The insurance company investigators rule against them, and as a result their premiums shoot up. Many drivers are now taking precautions against being blamed for causing an accident by investing in an inexpensive digital video recording device for their car.

One company that is making waves in this area is, an online retailer selling in-car digital video recorders and other in-car electronics. They are gaining a huge reputation for selling good quality car cameras at market leading rates.

The site has a comprehensive range of car cameras and each listing is replete with high quality digital imagery, product specification, detailed product description and consumer reviews.

They also sell other types of motoring electronics, including car GPS tracker as a security measure to guard against theft, GPS navigation equipment, and an airplane style “black box” recorder to preserve accident data. sells in-car electronics direct to consumers, but they also sell wholesale. They have a clear policy of keeping prices as low as possible, both in their direct and wholesale operations.

A spokesperson for the site said:

“Investigating who is at fault in an auto accident is an incredibly difficult thing for both the police and insurance companies. In the absence of any clear video evidence it often comes down to one party’s word against another. It’s not unusual for a driver to lose a no-claims bonus on their insurance that has been earned as a result of decades of careful driving. This can be a huge financial blow. However now that car camera systems are available for a low price, there’s no need for drivers to be at the mercy of insurance company investigators. Drivers can simply present video evidence of the accident. Taking this simple, low cost step could wind up saving you hundreds every year. In extreme cases, it could even help you avoid an unjust criminal conviction. In todays litigious society, gathering video evidence of your driving is a wise precaution, especially since the units that we sell are so affordable.”

About is an online retailer that sells high quality, low price, in-car electronics such as car cameras, car s trackers and many more.

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