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Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2013 -- Thanks to new card linking technology, several new services are rewarding consumers with coupons… without the need for finding and clipping them from the Sunday papers!

It works like this: Sign up and register a credit card or store loyalty card at one of the websites, click on the coupons you want, and the discount automatically loads on the card. When you shop at the retailer using the linked card, either online or in the store, you will receive a credit for your card coupons.

The service supports more than 95 percent of all credit and debit cards in the United States. This does mean that these companies will have more insight into your shopping habits and how well you respond to certain kinds of advertisements, which is an invaluable resource for retailers and they can then tailor their promotions around our spending habits.

Websites that currently offer card coupons are:
Simply click, scan, or text linkables to store them on your registered credit or debit card. You'll receive an email confirming the link.

Shop online or in store using the card with stored linkables. You'll receive a redemption confirmation email as soon as the card transaction clears.

Within 30 days, but typically much sooner, you'll receive your savings back, along with an email confirming delivery of the money.
Get great savings by adding coupons to your savings card in three easy steps!

1. Register on your retailer's website or on, then add your savings card to your user account.
2. Visit the gallery of savings card coupons and select the coupons that you would like.
3. Print your coupon list so you know which products to buy at the store.

When you enter your savings card number at checkout, the savings will be applied automatically to the applicable products that you purchased.
Shortcuts card coupons are similar to paper coupons. They provide savings on the purchase of specific products, but are more convenient to use. There is no paper to cut, sort, and remember to take to the store. When you select a coupon on Shortcuts, it is electronically added to your registered store savings card. All you have to do is go shopping, pick up the product, scan your card at checkout and enjoy your savings.
The P&G everyday shopper card program is a member benefit of P&G everyday. This online program allows you to download P&G coupons right onto your shopper card. The following stores are participating in the program: Safeway, Carrs, Dominicks, Genuardis, Pavilions, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Vons, Bakers, City Market, Dillons, Frys Food, Fred Meyer, Food4Less (Fremont), Gerbes, Hilander, Jay C Foods, King Soopers, Kroger, Owens Market, Pay Less, QFC, Ralphs, A&P, Waldbaums, Pathmark, Food Emporium, Superfresh, Meijer & Price Chopper.

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