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Cardiovascular Surgical Devices and Technologies Market -Leading Players Resort to Dealmaking to Gain Competitive Edge

Cardiovascular surgery is the process performed to cure the heart tissue defects such as replacing the diseased heart valves if it is blocked, grafting or replacement of heart tissues in case of damage.


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2018 -- There are two major types of heart surgeries performed, namely closed and open types of surgeries. The global surgical device market is the parent market for cardiovascular devices, which was valued at $240 billion in 2013. Increase in incidence for heart related problems are mainly due to changes in life style. This life style changes has increased the rate of heart surgeries. The U.S. is the leading market for cardiovascular surgical devices due to increase in aging population that is suffering from cardiovascular problems.

The growth of cardiovascular surgical devices market was hampered by efficient alternative technologies such as percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) techniques and other minimal invasive techniques (Ablation techniques); moreover, shortage of skilled surgeons and high cost of surgical procedures are hindering the growth of cardiovascular surgical device market in developing countries. Lower success rate of heart related surgeries in minimal invasive techniques is reducing the growth of cardiovascular surgical device market in developing economies.

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The global cardiovascular surgical device market is dominated by established companies due to high cost of investment require for breaking surgical device market. Cardiovascular surgical device market is facing challenges from alternative technologies that are developing at a faster rate as compared to surgical technologies. However, lower success rate of these alternative technologies has reduced the growth in cardiovascular surgical market in developing countries. This report provides market intelligence of revenue and growth rate during analysis period. The report also provides key developmental strategies adopted by top companies engaged in surgical device manufacturing. The report provides market intelligence on current trends and future transition of surgical devices.

Key companies included in company profiles are Abbott Cardiovascular, Abiomed, Inc., Boston Scientific Corp., C.R. Bard, INC., St. Jude Medical, Thoratec Laboratories, Transmedics, Inc., Cook Medical, Cordis Corp., and Angiodynamics, Inc.

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- The market estimation made in this report by collecting primary information from respective companies involved in manufacturing of medical devices. Analyzing secondary information provides competitive analysis about trends during 2013-2020
- The report analyzes the key developmental strategies adopted by top ranking companies and change in trends for this adoption
- Practical evaluation of key market drivers and restraints
- This report provides emphasis on key factors impacting the growth of portable medical device market
- Patent analysis for different geographic regions is dealt with key clinical trials and applications



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