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Care Temp Heating and Air Conditioning Now Offering Multiple Zone Systems to Help Cut Energy Costs


Whiting, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- Summer is almost here and the sweltering temperatures are approaching. Keeping a home cool during the summer months is not only for comfort, but it is important for safety purposes. The hot temperatures are responsible for thousands of deaths and even more illnesses. However, many homeowners are continuously looking for ways to reduce their monthly expenditures. Often times, air conditioning or heating is identified as an area in which a homeowner can save money. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t take the approach of long-term savings. Now, Care Temp Heating and Air Conditioning is offering multiple zone systems for heating and air conditioning to help reduce costs on an annual basis.

The spring is an excellent time of year to turn off the thermostat and open up the windows. Many homeowners can dramatically reduce their energy bills during the spring months by simply adjusting temperatures through the opening and closing of windows. However, once temperatures approach the ninety degree mark, homeowners typically need to cool their homes with air conditioning. Central air conditioning is the most effective cooling system and can be installed at a reasonable price. However, most systems come equipped with a standard thermostat. The standard thermostat will allow users to place the system on cool, heat, or off. The target temperature can also be set on a standard thermostat.

Care Temp Heating and Air Conditioning can offer customers a more advanced HVAC system with a more versatile thermostat. Multiple zone systems allow users to set unique temperatures for different rooms within a home. A multiple zone system can provide convenience along with energy savings. For example, one individual may prefer to have their bedroom set to a warmer temperature than the rest of the house. Furthermore, multiple zone systems allow for energy savings by targeting areas of a home in which residents spend the greatest deal of time. Care Temp Heating and Air Conditioning has been offering air conditioning repair in Jackson, NJ for years. The professionals at Care Temp Heating and Air Conditioning can design a multiple zone system to suit the needs of any individual or family.

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Care Temp Heating and Air Conditioning has had the pleasure since 1991 to provide residents in New Jersey areas of Monmouth and Ocean County the highest quality of heating, air conditioning needs for optimal comfort. Their technicians who are fully trained do the work, are certified professionals for all heating and air conditioning needs. Care Temp Heating and Air Conditioning is BPI Certified, NATE Certified, and Certified in Home Performance.

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