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New Learning Series Allows Small Business Owners to Nail Your Niche and Define Your Brand

Business Alchemist and Holistic Business Coach, Cathy Wilke Helps Holistic and heart-based Entrepreneurs learn how to Translate Brilliant Ideas into Products and Services the ideal client wants to buy


Yonkers, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2013 -- According to business alchemist and holistic business coach, Cathy Wilke, many holistic practitioners and other entrepreneurs who offer a product or service to improve people’s lives are very good at what they do, but even with their best intentions, many may see that their business isn’t growing the way they had hoped it would. “You might be starting to think you won’t be successful because there aren’t enough people who are interested in your work to create a thriving business,” says Wilke who will be leading a 5-part teleclass called” Nail Your Niche And Define Your Brand” starting Tuesday, September 10, and running for 5 weeks through October 8th. Each class runs from 7:00- 8:30 PM Eastern Time. All class calls are live and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and get them answered! The total cost of the course is $597. All calls will be recorded and available for download afterward.

“Many business have a hard time articulating how they can help potential clients with the issues they struggle with. And if that connection is missing, no money will be exchanged. If you haven’t “Nailed Your Niche” and taken a stand for the work you’re meant to do in the world it’s very difficult to get your business going. When you’re not clear on what you do or how to talk about it, people can’t connect to it,” advises Wilke, who is the CEO of Westchester-NY based coaching firm, Freedom and Fulfillment.

In the 5 part Nail Your Niche teleclass, participants can expect to:

- Get clear on who your ideal client is (so that you can speak to them in powerful language that they can connect to)
- Find the intersection–the place where the your past experience, what you’ve struggled with, and the work you feel called to do come together to form your marketing message
- Learn how to package your services in a way that makes sense for the work you do and also creates a reliable stream of income
- Create a brand for your business that pulls in your ideal clients


You’ll learn why having a niche is crucial and even though your work may help everyone–trying to market to everyone is a recipe for failure. You’ll enter the space of no distractions where you will let go of what might be possible and access the work you’re really meant to do in the world. Often in this process a much bigger vision comes to light than the one you originally had.

Class #2: Translation

You’ll get very clear on who you help and what you help them with which will allow you to work with more people and make more money. You’ll find the language to express what you do in a way your ideal clients can connect to. Because what good is doing great work if no one understands what it is that you do?

Class # 3: Creating YOUR Business

Tools to help you get to your “why.” You’ll be supported to do the work you really want to do the way you want to do it. You’ll release the nagging fear that holds everyone back: “what if no one wants this?” and you’ll be able to move forward confidently.

Class #4: Creating your brand

Now that you know who you help and what you help them with, you’ll get the words to describe it that translate into your powerful marketing. You’ll also learn how to create the packages and services that fill the needs of your audience and make it a no-brainer for them to buy from you. You’ll get templates and tools that you can use to create your message and your branding.

Class #5: A GPS for your marketing

We’ll work on anything that might be holding you back from being yourself in your marketing. You’ll get tools to help you to step out with all of who you are. You’ll learn how your niche acts as a GPS for your marketing. You’ll learn what you need to do to get much bigger exposure for your business and how to multiply your marketing efforts easily so that it’s not all you.

The Nail your Niche class is limited to 8 participants so that everyone gets the attention the need. “This class isn’t about “picking a niche” it’s about finding where the work you love to do and the issues your ideal clients have overlap. It’s about creating a powerful marketing message and a brand that allows people to connect immediately with what you do and makes it a no-brainer for them to hire you. It’s about letting the people who need your work know you’re out there,” advises Wilke.

If you’re not sure if this program is for you, feel free to contact Cathy Wilke at: 914-712-8680 or e-mail:

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Cathy Wilke is a business alchemist and marketing coach who helps coaches, healers and soul-based entrepreneurs connect with their purpose and turn it into a marketing message that speaks to those who need their work. You can find her at: