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‘CarInQuotes’ Helps People Save Much-Needed Money on their Car Insurance


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2011 -- As everyone who has car insurance knows all too well, insuring a vehicle is not cheap.

Auto insurance premiums can be plenty high for one driver; add in a few more family members including a teenager or two and the payments can take a pretty big chunk out of the monthly budget.

Although many people would like to pay less for their car insurance, getting multiple auto insurance quotes can be a time consuming and sometimes confusing process, involving multiple phone calls to different agencies or a lot of time on the computer comparing rates.

A website has been getting a lot of attention lately for its free auto and car insurance comparison service that allows drivers to get the best and most economical quotes from leading companies delivered straight to their email inboxes.

CarInQuotes also features a variety of helpful and educational articles about auto insurance that cover different topics and offer advice and tips.

Using the website is easy and user-friendly; visitors can simply log onto the home page, and enter in their zip code to get a list of insurance providers in their area.

By clicking on each provider, new tabs will open with short forms for drivers to fill out—a process that usually takes about 2 minutes. Instantly, customized auto and car insurance quotes will be sent via email for review.

“You will get free auto insurance quotes instantly from the leading insurance providers in your area, such as: Geico, Nationwide, Allstate, 21st Century Insurance, Farmers and all the rest and the best!” an article on the website explained.

“Only here insurance companies will actually give you their cheapest customized car insurance quotes and rates, they have to, otherwise customers are going to choose a better insurance quote, which will be offered to them here, in our comparison database. This saves you a lot of money each year.”

Visitors to the website may also compare auto insurance quotes by state, and a section featuring articles, tips and frequently asked questions helps drivers of all ages get more information and advice about car insurance. Some recent article topics include buying rental car insurance, how to switch car insurance without paying penalties, and how to tell if someone is paying too much for car insurance.

About CarInQuotes
CarInQuotes is an auto and car insurance quotes comparison service that helps consumers find the cheapest car insurance quotes from top companies around the country. The website also includes helpful articles and tips on a variety of car insurance-related topics. Using the website is easy and completely free of charge. For more information on CarInQuotes, please visit http://www.carinquotes.com