Joe Bragg Aims to Offer America's Simplest Car Insurance Quote Comparison Form


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2013 -- Comparing car insurance plans is something that any driver can do to save hundreds of dollars per year. In spite of that fact, few people spend much time comparing car insurance plans. Some people say shopping around for insurance is too time-consuming, while others feel that the effort simply isn’t worth saving a few dollars per month. aims to convince these people that they’re wrong by offering America’s simplest car insurance comparison form. At, visitors will find an application form that only asks four questions before directing users to affordable car insurance companies in their local area. And instead of simply saving a few dollars per month, aims to help drivers save several hundred dollars per year.

A spokesperson for explained how the best car insurance comparison form works:

“We’ve specifically designed our comparison form to be as easy as possible to use. It asks four simple questions: Is the driver currently insured? Is the individual a homeowner? How old is the driver? And in which Zip code does the driver live? After answering each of those questions, our website generates a series of quotes based on the information entered. All quotes are chosen from trustworthy insurance agencies in the applicant’s local Zip code.”

The website suggests that, using these quotes, drivers can expect to save up to 73% off the cost of car insurance in three months. Over the course of a year, this can add up to several hundred dollars in savings for drivers.

Furthermore, the quotes that are given to drivers come with absolutely no obligations:

“Instead of forcing drivers into choosing a specific insurance plan from a specific company, we believe in giving drivers a choice. This choice includes companies that offer comprehensive insurance coverage at a price that’s fair to drivers. Furthermore, all quotes are offered on a no obligation basis – drivers can choose any insurance agency they wish to work with, or they can choose not to change insurance agencies at all.”

At, visitors can also learn more about the car insurance shopping process. Specifically, drivers can discover what differentiates good and bad car insurance plans and how drivers can use this information to find the perfect car insurance plan for their needs. Tips include bundling different types of insurance together with the same agency as well as considering any limitations or supplemental coverage that may be unnecessary.

More tips about the car insurance quote comparison process can be found at Whether searching for a cheap insurance plan or a plan with the best possible coverage, aims to simplify the insurance shopping process.

About is a car insurance comparison website that features a simple quote generator form. Applicants answer four simple questions before receiving no obligation quotes from insurance agencies in their local area. For more information, please visit: