Joe Bragg Helps Drivers Save 73% in Only 3 Months with Cheap Car Insurance Quotes


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2013 -- Vehicle insurance is something that every driver needs in order to legally stay on the roads. However, most drivers don’t spend much time shopping around for vehicle insurance. That means many drivers are paying more than they need to for their car insurance plan.

That’s a problem that seeks to solve. At, visitors will find a free car insurance comparison form. Anybody can use this form to receive quotes from local car insurance agencies.

A spokesperson for explained how that car insurance comparison form works:

“Our comparison form is designed to make shopping around for car insurance as easy as possible. Instead of forcing drivers to call around to each individual insurance agency in their local area, we generate a number of quotes based off the information drivers provide. Drivers need to only fill out our simple form in order to get started. That form asks for an age, Zip code, and current insurance status of the individual.”

After entering that information, applicants will be able to view quote offers on insurance plans from a number of different companies in their local area. The website generates quotes based on the Zip code users provide. The website suggests that drivers can save up to 73% in only three months due to the cost savings provided by a new insurance plan.

In addition to a simplified insurance quote comparison form, the website offers tips and tricks for choosing the best insurance plan. Those tips include a number of qualifications drivers should look for in a particular insurance plan, including:

- The age of the company
- The size and cost of the vehicle
- The history of the driver
- Any package or bundle savings available
- Any limitations in the plan

Balancing all of these requirements isn’t easy, which is why the website pre-screens insurance agencies for applicants:

“Our quote generator only recommends the highest quality insurance agencies. These agencies are often nationally-recognized brands that offer reasonable pricing and sufficient coverage for drivers. In other words, we pre-screen any insurance agencies that are attempting to scam users with low-value, high-cost plans.”

Anyone can learn more about saving money on insurance rates by visiting today. Whether looking for the cheapest car insurance rates or a plan that balances complete coverage with a fair price, aims to change the way people think about their car insurance plan.

About is a car insurance quote comparison websites that aims to simplify the insurance shopping process. At, visitors will find a simple comparison form that generates quotes based on the Zip code users provide. For more information, please visit: