Carinsurancehub Inc Launches Novel Anonymous Car Insurance Comparison, Claims up to 45% Savings


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2012 -- today announced their latest car insurance compare system, allowing users to compare car insurance quotes anonymously. The company also announced cumulated savings of 45% for existing customers over the last year.

In a bid to promote their brand, has launched an anonymous car insurance quote generator. The system generates quotes of various car insurance agencies and lets consumers compare them before buying. The website now also provides links to various Insurance agencies and their current discounts, and has wide range of available options for people who own sports, classic and antique cars.

The website promises to help users find the cheapest car insurance without compromising on quality. “We provide relevant and up-to date content by providing the customer a series of links to various car insurance agencies and by getting real-time online quotes of each agency anonymously” replied Mr. Adam Webster when asked about their business model.

“Consumers shopping with have saved up to 45% a year on their insurance. That's nearly half what they were already paying thanks to our proprietary system of anonymous insurance quotes” said a beaming Mr. Webster in response to reasons for their significant growth.

The new comparison system launched by the company is aimed at both first time users and users who already have insurance. “Many first time car insurance customers find it difficult to balance quality car insurance that ticks all the right boxes while keeping their cost down. After all, car insurance quotes are constantly increasing and they will continue to do so. However, one can still find cheap basic insurance using our easy comparison system. Essentially we bring local auto insurance companies in one place” Says Mr. Webster.

Insurance Market analyst Rick Dennis informs us “There are plenty of car insurance websites on the web, but not many provide a holistic auto insurance quotation service with wide range of customization. The key to growth is a simple online process and a good filtering mechanism”. Exactly what has been very successful at, he adds.

About Car Insurance Hub Inc is a leading car insurance provider based out of Los Angles. The founders have decades of experience in insurance industry and the company has received critical acclaim in leading online car insurance forums.

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