Joe Bragg's Jim Raines Answers Car Insurance Questions on Quora


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2013 -- Quora is one of the most interesting and useful social media websites to gain popularity with the public in the last few years. It takes the format of questions and answers. Curious users can submit questions, and knowledgeable users submit answers. Quora is well known for having an incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable user base, and is full of extremely high quality content.

One Quora user that is getting a lot of attention recently is Jim Raines of Mr. Raines has built up a substantial reputation on the site for his high quality answers to various car insurance related questions.

Mr. Raines gives detailed answers for many auto insurance questions on Quora. Some of his latest answers have dealt with topics such as insurance premiums, safe driving, the most expensive cars to insure and finding a good second hand car. All of his answers are highly regarded by the Quora community, and well rated by the site’s rating mechanism.

Jim Raines is the man behind, a well known car insurance price comparison website. lets users enter their information to find the very best car insurance deal for them. The site compares prices from a wide range of well-known insurance companies, and is regarded as a great way to obtain a good deal on car insurance. The site also contains a huge amount of useful editorial content on the subject of car insurance.

Mr. Raines himself said: “Quora is a fantastic way to share knowledge and connect with people. I’m proud to be able to contribute. There are many highly intelligent and knowledgeable people on the site, but I noticed that car insurance related topics were being slightly neglected. As an insurance professional, I decided to jump in and help out. Car insurance is a part of nearly everyone’s life, but it’s a subject that most people tend to know little about. I wanted to share my knowledge with people on Quora, so that they have a deeper understanding of the car insurance market and ultimately get a better deal on their car insurance.”

About is an online resource used to find the very best car insurance deals. It helps people compare car insurance rates from leading insurance providers.

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