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Carl Ingvaldson Announces Support of Organizations Protecting the Environment

Carl Ingvaldson Is Pleased To Announce His Continued Membership and Support of Two Organizations Committed To Protecting the Environment.


Palo Alto, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2012 -- Carl Ingvaldson is pleased to announce his continued membership and support of two organizations committed to protecting the environment, Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund.

Ingvaldson has been a proud supporter of the World Wildlife Fund and Greenpeace for the past few years. He has been a member of the World Wildlife Fund and a volunteer for Greenpeace for as long as he has supported both organizations. Growing up in Sweden taught him the importance of protecting the environment due to Sweden's government's strict protection of its environment and native animal species. He hopes his public declaration of support will encourage fellow countrymen or others on throughout the world to support one or both of these organizations.

The World Wildlife Fund was created in 1961 and has since become the largest independent organization devoted to conservation and environmental protection. There are over five million supporters of the World Wildlife Fund and Carl Ingvaldson is glad to be counted as one of them. The organization focuses mainly on preserving biodiversity in forests, oceans and coasts, and in freshwater areas. They are proponents of direct action as well as education and on the ground work to prevent destruction of the environment or animals' habitats.

Greenpeace was founded in 1971 and is the other organization that Carl Ingvaldson is proud to be a volunteer for. Since 1971, the organization has grown into an international organization with offices in over 30 countries. Greenpeace focuses on stopping deforestation, global warming, overfishing, nuclear issues, and over-whaling problems that the planet faces today. They are well-known for their direct action to prevent detrimental actions from occurring to prevent damage to the environment.

Carl Ingvaldson hopes that public support for these groups continues to grow so that the environment has a chance against all of its opponents. Mostly, he is glad for the amount of education that both organizations provide for people who would never get the information necessary to make a solid opinion about environmental issues. In the future, he plans to continue supporting both organizations however he can.

Ola Ingvaldson currently lives in Sweden where he enjoys staying fit and spending time outdoors. He has degrees from the prestigious University of Lund and the Lund Institute of Technology. He is also well-read in computer programming, commercial real estate management, and history. His work has given him the opportunity to travel the globe working on a variety of projects from cell phone development to IT consulting to real estate management. He is currently in the process of starting up a wine importing business in Sweden. For questions or comments, please contact NAMETBD at (888) 675-1245.

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