CarLolly Buys Your Car for Cash - and No Online Valuations


Hampshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2012 -- Imperial Car Supermarket is proud to announce an exciting new venture with its new arm, CarLolly. CarLolly enables you to sell your used car for cash to a Hampshire-based used car supermarket.

CarLolly is different to other car-buying websites, because it does not offer an on-line valuation for your car. CarLolly’s knowledgeable team will offer honest, on-site evaluations and will explain how the valuation has been calculated. The new venture will even allow you to use your old car as part-exchange for a new used car from Imperial Car Supermarket.

Whereas many other sites that buy cars for cash use on-line valuations, CarLolly does not as they are often inaccurate and depend on you being able to fully describe the condition of the car, down to the smallest scratch. When you take the car to be valued on-site, various reasons are given for not paying you the full on-line valuation for your car. CarLolly offers sellers a better experience by giving them a realistic and honest idea of what they can expect to receive for their vehicle, in person. CarLolly’s assessors are experienced in the motor trade and in valuing cars for part exchange, retail and straightforward purchase, thanks to their work with used cars in Hampshire with Imperial Cars, so their on-site valuation is accurate and fair.

CarLolly’s system is simple, and honest: just visit one of Imperial Car Supermarkets sites in Portsmouth, Fleet or Southampton to receive a true market valuation for your vehicle. If you’re thinking about upgrading your car, CarLolly’s great system will also allow part-exchanges with Imperial Car Supermarket’s great range of used cars. CarLolly doesn’t charge transaction fees for its customers: it will simply write a cheque for the full amount. If a customer needs an urgent transfer of the money, CarLolly can arrange that for a small fee.

About Carlolly
Carlolly is a trading name of Imperial Cars of Swanwick Limited.

Imperial Cars of Swanwick Limited is one of the most successful used car retailers in the South retailing in excess of 250 cars per month. To satisfy the demand for used vehicles Imperial Cars of Swanwick introduced Carlolly to provide another source of used vehicles in addition to the major leasing companies and lease auctions.

With the explosion of online used car valuation sites Imperial Cars of Swanwick Limited identified that a more personal approach was needed - typing your registration number into a web page does not provide an accurate valuation as it doesn't take into account the overall condition of the vehicle. In fact, as all car buying websites use the same criteria to value cars, this becomes a pointless exercise the more websites you visit.

The valuation is also dependent on you assessing the condition of your vehicle accurately. As you can't be expected to be a professional vehicle assessor online valuations are disclaimed to the maximum rendering them worthless. The only true valuation you will receive is when you physically visit one of these companies satellite sites, usually manned by individuals that don't have a great deal of experience in valuing vehicles for resale.

Locations of Carlolly

You can visit to any of the following three locations of Carlolly

1. Southampton

To Sell Your Used Car For Cash in Southampton visit our branch located at  56 Bridge Road, Lower Swanwick, Southampton, Hampshire SO31 7FL. Tel: 08442 578 845

2. Portsmouth

To Sell Your Used Car For Cash in Portsmouth visit our branch located at  468 London Road, Hilsea, Portsmouth PO2 9RN. Tel: 08442 578 832.

3. Fleet

To Sell Your Used Car For Cash in Fleet visit our branch located at  Wintney Barn, Taplins Farm Lane, Hook, Hampshire RG27 8SH. Tel:  08442 578 829

4. Hampshire

To Sell Your Used Car For Cash in Hampshire visit our branch located at  256 Bridge Road, Lower Swanwick, Southampton, Hampshire SO31 7FL. Tel: 08442 578 845

For more details on CarLolly and its brilliant new association with Imperial Car Supermarkets, or to see how you could sell your used car, see its website: