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Carlton Pools Advises Customers on the Importance of Winterizing Pools During the off-Season


Warminster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2020 -- Pool owners who would like to see one of their substantial investments remain valuable and efficient come next summer should think about winterizing their pools if they haven't already done so. Carlton Pools, the trusted swimming pool contractors in Montgomery County, PA, advises customers that preparing a pool to withstand winter conditions is essential in extending the life of the pool liner, equipment, and aquatic finishes for residential pools.

Winterizing means nothing more than supplying the pool with the right tools to survive through the winter. During busy summer days, pools see a lot of action and require frequent clean-up to keep the water safe for all who are using them. When a pool is not in use, it requires far less maintenance. Homeowners should think about closing their pool and adding the winterizing kit when the night temperatures drop below 32oF.

A closed swimming pool won't have equipment running to keep the water moving or filtered. Once freezing temperatures set in, water will freeze in the pool, pump, filter, skimmer, and all other important pool equipment. As water turns into ice, it will grow and expand, eventually breaking through the pool supplies and tearing the pool liner, depending on the material.

Treating the pool water with the right dose of chemicals will help prevent it from freezing and damaging surrounding equipment. It will also help keep the water clean, even though the filter and pump aren't running.

Winterizing kits are easy to come by at respectable home improvement stores or even online retailers. All-in-one kits are the most popular kind as they calculate every essential chemical based on different pool volumes. Pool owners also have the option of bypassing these easy-made kits and gathering their own materials.

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