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Warminster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/12/2020 -- Carlton Pools, one of the best swimming pool companies in Bucks County, is currently scheduling consultations for individuals looking to build the custom swimming pool of their dreams. The Carlton Pools team can also provide tips on how to keep children safe once the pool is finished so that parents can enjoy their investment, and children can safely stay cool this summer.

While it may be obvious, parents must be paying full attention to their children while they are in the pool. Taking a second to look at a text, read an email, or even the delay created by alcohol consumption can be enough for a child to be pulled underwater and trapped. Parents should keep a phone nearby and fully charged, just in case an emergency does arise and requires medical assistance.

In addition to paying close attention to children while they're in the pool, parents should consider investing in proper life preservation equipment. This might mean purchasing a Coast Guard certified life jacket or a fence to keep a child from falling in while no one's looking. For those who would like to add another layer of protection, it's worth investing in an alarm system that can be set while adults aren't available to directly supervise the water to alert nearby guardians of a child gaining access to the pool.

Finally, it's essential for parents who want to protect their kids to model good behavior when it comes to the pool. Modeling good behavior can mean ensuring that everyone knows how to swim or that no one plays too rough while near the water, but it can also mean showing how to properly wear floatation devices and understanding the importance of knowing CPR.

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Carlton Pools is a construction company that builds in-ground pools for both commercial and residential customers. The company has over 45 years of experience in pool engineering. Serving the Tri-state area, Carlton Pools provides pool renovation services and also retails pool products, and a team of highly-trained technicians tend to their clients' pool needs with outstanding customer service. The company operates using an experienced approach that eliminates the hassle of pool maintenance.

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