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Carlton Pools Offers Important Tips on Cleaning Snow from Pool Covers


Warminster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2020 -- Residents of New Jersey and Pennsylvania are no strangers to snow in their backyards. When a harsh Nor'easter comes around, everything is covered in a snow blanket, including the pool cover. Although most pool covers are built to be durable enough to handle some degree of snow, none of them can withstand the heavy weight forever. The team at Carlton Pools would like to share their tips for keeping in-ground and doughboy pools in Bucks County and surrounding areas safe this winter season.

Homeowners should be concerned about the state of their pool covers as soon as they see snow sticking to the ground. Those who prefer economical covers must clean the snow as soon as possible, as these designs tend to deteriorate quickly. On the other hand, those who use quality-grade covers can let the snow accumulate a little more — until it reaches approximately one to two feet. This is only possible if the pool has enough water to support the weight from underneath.

Once homeowners are ready to clean the snow, they have two options to choose from: a leaf blower or a broom. Leaf blowers are extremely useful for cleaning light, powdery flurries, while brooms are perfect for brushing clumps of snow off the cover. Many pool owners are inclined to reach for their trusty snow shovel. While snow shovels are extremely useful for cleaning sidewalks and cars, they are a pool cover's worst nightmare. Shovels have sharp edges that can easily tear through the fabric, rendering the cover useless.

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