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Carlton Pools Will Provide Pool Maintenance Services for Those in Need


Warminster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/26/2017 -- Carlton Pools, a pool engineering company located in Warminster, PA, will provide pool maintenance for those in need this summer. Since 1973, this family owned and operated company has prided itself on staying ahead of the competition by installing the latest swimming pool renovations in Bucks County, PA, and the surrounding areas. They also provide top-quality pool cleaning and maintenance during the hot, summer months.

With a team of builders that has been with them for many years, Carlton Pools is a leading pool company that has a dedication that's difficult to find elsewhere. Their contractors and in-house construction crew make them one of the top companies in the pool industry. Whether clients need services that include openings, closings, pool inspections, equipment repair and replacement, pool cover repair and replacement, leak detection, tile repair, or anything else, Carlton Pools will have them covered.

Building shotcrete pools allow Carlton Pools to customize an inground pool according to the customer's preferences. As a leader in swimming pool construction, the company can create the perfect poolscape that can be formed into any shape and include any type of feature. From waterfalls to slides to spas, Carlton Pools is the company to seek out regarding all pool needs.

For those who prefer to clean and maintain their pool themselves, Carlton Pools offers a variety of equipment and maintenance products. In their retail stores, the company carries a full line of brushes, skimmers, leaf rakes, poles, stain erasers, automatic pool cleaners, and more.

To learn more about their swimming pool services, contact Carlton Pools at 888-372-0102.

About Carlton Pools
Carlton Pools is a construction company that builds in-ground pools for both commercial and residential customers. The company has over 40 years of experience in pool engineering. Serving the Tri-state area, Carlton Pools provides pool renovation services and also retails pool products, and a team of highly-trained technicians tend to their clients' pool needs with outstanding customer service. The company operates using an experienced approach that eliminates the hassle of pool maintenance.

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