Carol Amato Reveals Top Five Tips to Improve Blog Visitors' Experience


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/11/2013 -- Carol Amato, a famous Internet marketer who has a background of diverse professions, provides the best tips for blogging and internet marketing. For years, she spent working as a medical transcriptionist, an eBay power seller and a customer sales representative. But being an online sales person wasn’t her call, and she soon discovered her passion for writing blogs and Internet marketing soon became her undying passion.

Carol’s blog aims to help newbie Internet marketers with their blogs and has tons of advice for creating quality content which makes its way to Google search indefinitely. One of her blog posts, titled “The Top 5 Tips to Improve Blog Visitors’ Experience,” has gems of advice and helps marketers with their own blogs.

The first and the most important tip is clarity. Carol emphasizes on the entire layout of the website and says that people do not like murky or dull layouts. Like artists go to the ends of the earth to make their canvas seem engaging to the audience, a blogger must make his or her blog a piece of art. This can be done by keeping the layout simple, decent looking, and with an easy-to-read font. The name of the blog should be catchy and not too long. Users do not want to waste their time trying to make sense of stylishly curved and twisted fonts which may seem illegible. If a blog is clutter free, chances are that people will go through the content from top to bottom.

The second tip is easy navigation. Carol Amato says keeping the direction of the blog run in a certain direction such as ascending or descending is much better than if a person has to scroll up and down many times to find certain content. A valuable addition to any blog is the search option, which is the third tip. Users can easily find the content or keywords they are looking for through the functionality of search. Carol recommends putting it above the fold, meaning so as to make it unnecessary for someone to scroll in order to find it.

The fourth tip is to add a contact page to one’s blog. People may have many questions to ask or want some advice, feedback or insight on certain topics so it is good to let them know that their feedback is of immense value to the blog owner, and will be kept in consideration for the future.

The fifth and final tip is obvious: a blog should have great content. Interesting images and pictures add to the wow factor and are a big yes if one wants to keep the audience glued to the page.

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