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Caroline Springs Physiotherapy Is the Destination for Clinical Pilates


Caroline Springs, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2014 -- Clinical Pilates is a therapeutic means of strengthening the body, addressing pelvic floor problems specific to women, and aiding in rehabilitation needs. To assist area residents in relieving pain and building a stronger body,  Caroline Spring Physiotherapy  is providing new patients with a complete Clinical Pilates assessment or digital spine analysis for just $49.95.

To participate in the Clinical Pilates special, individuals must visit the website, print the coupon and present it at the time of their visit. Highly trained staff will show individuals the benefits of Clinical Pilates and its many benefits. Those who choose the spinal assessment will use the latest computer technology to determine their spinal health and receive a detailed report of the findings.

The practice maintains a modern, fully equipped Pilates gym on the premises and sessions are conducted by an experienced physiotherapist. Classes are limited to eight participants to ensure clients receive individualized attention. Clinical Pilates patients experience improved coordination, muscular control and restoration of normal movement.

Caroline Springs Physiotherapy incorporates multiple methods and techniques to address the needs of clients. Physiotherapy assists those recovering from surgery, patients requiring rehabilitation and individuals suffering pain and dysfunction from a variety of sources.

The practice provides physiotherapy treatment to children to address multiple problems. Pediatric physiotherapy is used to detect and treat conditions early. The practice addresses developmental delays, curvature of the spine and club foot, along with problems specific to dancers and conditions of the hips, knees and feet.

The services at Caroline Springs Physiotherapy encompass a myriad of complementary services that can be incorporated into a patient’s treatment plan. Acupuncture and dry needling are minimally invasive methods used to relieve chronic pain, and release muscle tension.

Therapeutic massage techniques are tailored to the patient and include deep tissue, relaxation and remedial massage, along with pregnancy and lymphatic drainage massage. It’s effective for facilitating labor, reducing medication dependence, treating injuries and improving athletic performance. Massage lessens depression and anxiety, and stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Hydrotherapy is especially beneficial for individuals suffering from diseases and conditions that limit mobility and cause pain. Water provides support for patients and gentle resistance to strengthen muscles and increase range of motion.

Fans can follow the practice on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The practice is also offering new patients an initial consultation for $49.95 or a complete lower limb biomechanical assessment and a detailed report at the same cost. Coupon vouchers must be printed from the website and presented at the time of the appointment.

The special offer on Clinical Pilates for new patients provides a low-cost method of discovering the unique benefits available through the specialized exercise program. The method promotes balance and postural control to prevent falls, ease pain and keep patients active.

The practice can be reached by phone at 9363 7200 or via email with the convenient form on the website. For more information visit  Caroline Springs Physiotherapy  online.

Caroline Springs Physiotherapy
Phone: 9363 7200