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CarPaymentCalculator.me Redesigns Entire Website to Make It More Informative and Even Easier to Use


Modesto, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/09/2012 -- As anyone who has purchased a car or truck knows quite well, buying a new vehicle can be a very exciting time. From visiting various dealerships and test driving a variety of cars to finally coming home with the new set of wheels, the entire experience is one that will be remembered forever.

Most financial experts agree that before people even think about heading out to start looking at cars, they should have a pretty good idea of what they can afford. It can be really disappointing to choose a car only to find out that it won’t fit into the monthly budget. Knowing ahead of time the costs of taking out a car loan and what a manageable payment amount will be can prevent stress and heartache later on.

A website has been creating quite a buzz lately for its free online car payment calculator that helps drivers determine quickly and easily the costs of taking out a car loan.

CarPaymentCalculator.me was first launched in April, 2011 in an effort to make estimating loan payments as simple and stress-free as possible. The site was recently redesigned in order to make the online loan calculator even more informative and helpful.

“After much consultation with users, April 2012 saw a complete redesign of both our calculator and website,” an article on the website noted.

“This addressed the few issues that had arisen for our users, as well as adding new features which we believe now makes ours the best car loan calculator on the internet.”

Using the online loan calculator is easy; visitors to the site can type in a vehicle price at the top of the home page, along with other information like estimated down payment, a trade in value for an existing vehicle, an approximate interest rate, and more.

Then, after clicking on the “Calculate” tab, the website will immediately show what the monthly car payment would be based on this information, as well as the total interest amount over the life of the loan.

The calculator can be used over and over again, with different amounts filled in each time in order to come up with the perfect payment situation. For example, if entering in a $30,000 vehicle price yields monthly payments that would be too high, visitors can either change the amount to a lower price, or tweak the down payment, trade in amount or loan term in order to lower the monthly payment estimate to something that is more affordable.

About CarPaymentCalculator.me
CarPaymentCalculator.me is a leader in the online loan calculator space. Our website can help users easily calculate the costs of taking out a car loan and compare the effects of different payment options over the course of their loan. For more information, please visit http://www.carpaymentcalculator.me/