Carpenters to Attend LIGNA 2013: Kevin Craffey Plymouth


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2013 -- Those associated in any way with the wood industry will enjoy the innovative equipment and techniques displayed at LIGNA 2013. This year’s event will be held on May 6-10 in Hannover, Germany and will represent the world’s top suppliers within the wood industry and carpenters of all specialties and locations, such as Kevin Craffey MA, should attend if possible.

Exhibitors from some 50 countries and numbering around 1,700 will be displaying, demonstrating, and showcasing innovative products and wood working techniques that Kevin Craffey CEO of K&J Interiors and other carpenters can apply to their businesses and trade.

This year’s LIGNA fair will emphasize such global trends as flexibility-enhancing industrial solutions, sustainable and intelligent production, and highly customizable manufacturing systems. Some topics covered that would be of great interest to those in the carpentry industry like Kevin Craffey MA will be “wood as the preferred material for furniture”, bioenergy and wood pellet production, and the use of wood for developing chemicals, all of which spotlight the ecological and economical advantages of using wood more effectively in future projects.

Technology used in the manufacturing of lightweight plasticized material for wood panels will also be highlighted. These panels, known as Kaurit Light panels, are made from Kaurit glue, wood chips, and foamed polymer and are ideal for making furniture, cabinetry, and case goods as well as other products offered by woodworkers similar to Kevin Craffey CEO of K&J Interiors. They weight a third less than standard wood-based particleboard panels on the market today. Kaurit Light panels also meet global environmental recyclability guidelines.

Carpenters in the same line of business as Kevin Craffey contractor will particularly enjoy demonstrations by German cabinetmakers of their skills via exhibits and competitions sponsored by the German Association of Carpentry and Joinery. Also, in addition to a variety of woodworking shows, finalists will be selected during the Germany’s Form & Function 2013 competition and winners announced in such brackets as Tools & Fittings and Solid Wood.

Another area of interest for carpenters and woodworkers in the same industry as Kevin Craffey contractor is displays by the German-based engineering company of HOLZMA that will showcase innovative new product solutions. HOLZMA’s theme at LIGNA 2013 will focus on new technologies, processes and products that increase output, are more flexible, prevent errors, and improve efficiency.

Carpenters and woodworkers in the state of Massachusetts or from other parts of the country are encouraged to attend LIGNA 2013 if possible and learn about innovative products, processes and techniques that will be displayed. The experience will surely enrich lives, hone skills, and increase business opportunities for those like Kevin Craffey Plymouth and others in the carpentry industry.

Name: Dominic Rutherander
Location: City of New York, New York