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Carpet Cleaning Is All in the Fibers

At Accent American, we use hot water extraction with a truck mounted cleaning unit to throughly clean your carpets


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/05/2012 -- As with any science, the devil is in the details. Carpet cleaning is no different. When people think of carpet cleaning or fabric care, they hardly look past the material and physical reactions that are occurring when a carpet cleaning function is actually taking place. Circular motions tend to wind up carpet fibers that not only entangle the dirt and bacteria, but also do not allow such dirt to escape which only exacerbates the problem. Everything with carpet cleaning occurs at the micro level but nonetheless, important and as scientific as a macro science of size and material. Hillsborough County, Florida has its fair share of carpet cleaning and restoration service companies that address these carpet cleaning issues however few really study the art of bacteria and dirt and how they interact with cloth, fibers, and tile in a household. Trite, one might assume, however necessary and important in the level of comprehensive understanding of such facets in this business.

Ergo, the need for certification and testing that most people would never think of requiring and asking for in the carpet cleaning business. Perhaps the micro nature of bacteria and carpet dirt hide much of the obvious issues here, however carpet cleaning methods do differ and do make a huge difference in their results. Accent American is a unique carpet cleaning and mold remediation company that services Hillsborough County in Tampa, Florida. They have a resident master cleaner that has all the certifications in order to address the nuances of carpet cleaning and mold remediation. Without these, is it possible to accomplish a carpet cleaning job? Certainly on the surface and cosmetically, however in order to do the professional type of carpet cleaning job that warrants a job well done, a master cleaner is needed.

If you are in Hillsborough County, Tampa. Florida and need expert carpet cleaning advice, Contact Accent American at (813) 621-6015 and learn more about the pure science of excellent carpet cleaning care.