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Carpigiani UK Ltd Offers Soft Serve Machines Designed to Produce Quality Desserts in a Time Pressurised Environment


Hereford, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/25/2020 -- Carpigiani UK Ltd, one of the leading gelato and ice cream machine manufacturers, offers soft serve machines that turn fresh ingredients into delicious creamy products. With the help of state of the art technology, the firm produces its soft serve machines in different types of models to meet the customer expectations and diverse market needs. They offer a wide range of soft serve machines like 241 G steel countertop soft, 161 G/G SP countertop soft, 193 G SP classic countertop soft, 191 P classic countertop soft, 191 G classic countertop soft, and many others.

Their soft serve machines have been designed in a manner to manufacture good quality yogurt or ice cream regardless of what type of ingredients have been used, natural or a premium ready-made base mix. Their soft serve machines are a good option for those who want to create a good quality dessert in a time pressurised environment. Since their machines are made with the help of the latest technological tools and good quality materials, they maintain high quality standards without negotiation.

Carpigiani UK Ltd is one of the best ice cream suppliers especially when it comes to offering the best commercial soft serve machines at the most affordable prices. Carpigiani have a remarkable presence in the industry and with time, has gained popularity and attracted a large customer base across the country. Those who want to procure state of the art soft serve machines to expand their business can contact their experts by filling a simple questionnaire available on their official website, Other than supplying ice cream machines & equipment, the company also possesses and runs Gelato University to train students in the art of soft serve ice cream and artisan gelato.

Talking about their soft serve machines, one of the representatives from Carpigiani stated," A Carpigiani soft serve machine turns fresh ingredients into the sumptuously creamy product, ready to serve in a matter of minutes. Lighter than air, the smooth texture and speed at which it can be prepared to ensure fresh soft ice cream or frozen yogurt available instantly on demand."

About Carpigiani UK Ltd
Carpigiani UK Ltd is the direct trading subsidiary of its parent company, Carpigiani Ali Spa, the undisputed leading manufacturer in the ice cream equipment world for over 70 years. The company boasts a staff with a vast amount of experience and with access to world-renowned 'Ice Cream Masters' and technical experts – the key to this knowledge pool is the key to their success.

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