Joe Bragg Explains the Secrets of Success Behind the World's Best Carp Rigs


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2013 -- Carp fishing is a sport enjoyed by anglers all over the world. Carp are large bottom-feeding fish that require specialized equipment in order to be caught. Carp fishing is particularly popular in the United Kingdom, where carp rigs are a closely-held secret for anglers across the country.

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As a spokesperson for explains, many of the website’s visitors come seeking information about carp rigs:

“There are few topics in fishing as secretive as carp rigs. Carp are notorious for being cautious and easily spooked, and the right carp rig can make the difference between landing ‘the big one’ or nothing at all. To make matters more complicated, the carp rigs that work at one stretch of water may not work at another. For that reason, anglers spend years trying and testing different types of carp rigs in order to find the perfect rig for their needs.”

A carp rig refers to the type of line, hook, clip, and knot used by the angler. Even the most minor differences in any of these parts can have a significant impact on the attractiveness of the bait to carp. Carp rigs are designed to lie on the bottom of the water with the bait floating upwards in order to attract the bottom-feeding carp.

Despite the secret nature of carp rigs, there are plenty of carp rig tips and tricks to discover at That information includes:

- The best carp rigs for local ponds and lakes
- The most popular carp rigs currently available
- Carp rigs designed for specialized tasks and environments
- The difference between zig rigs, anchored floater rigs and bolt rigs

As the spokesperson explains, carp anglers love to talk about their tackle and gear:

“Most carp anglers will be happy to talk about their tackle and gear when others ask. However, anglers often respond with silence when asked about their bait and rig. At our site, visitors can learn everything they need to know about choosing the perfect bait and rig for any type of fishing. We also explain general tips for finding and catching carp.”

Whether searching for carp catching tips or interested in trying a new carp rig, aims to keep carp anglers up to date on the latest news from the world of carp fishing.

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