Joe Bragg Publishes New Guide on Luxury Cars Available for Less Than Twenty Thousand is helping people get their dream car for the price of a used Sedan with a new editorial, which explains which luxury vehicles are now available for under $20k.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2015 -- Buying a vehicle is essential for families and workers who need to commute daily. Unfortunately many new vehicles come with a premium price tag many are unwilling to pay, especially as new cars depreciate so rapidly. As such, many individuals are seeking the best car they can get for the budget, whether used or new. Cars Under 20,000 is an invaluable resource for those people, enabling people to find information on the best cars for their budget, whether 20,000, 10,000 or even used cars under 5000.

Cars Under 20,000 has just published a guide to no less than eight luxury cars under $20k. The editorial has some impressive specimens to present, including the BMW Z4, 2010 Ford Mustang, 2001 Porsche Boxster and more. All these cars, while not new, are still outstanding rides with premium features and more power than the roads can handle.

The article gives a full and detailed explanation of the features of each car in the list, together with the reason for their apparently 'budget' status. The article is one designed to help fuel the imaginations of drivers who may be shopping for a new car, and might find their money better spent on a more exciting alternative than they had expected.

A spokesperson for Cars Under 20,000 explained, "Cars Under 20,000 is pleased to be able to show people that for as little as $6,500 they are able to get hold of a vehicle that just a few years ago would have cost them a fortune, and an in a few more years time could likely become a classic, and actually begin to appreciate if well taken care of. In the meantime, these cars offer an amazing experience for less than many drivers realize."

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