Cartoon Dev Launch to Provide Bespoke Cartoon Logos to Freshen Up Companies' Brand Image


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2013 -- Illustrated logos have been a mainstay in corporate culture for a long time and have become some of the most recognized in the world, from the obvious Disney Mickey Mouse logo to the new generation of the Geiko Gekko. It has proven one of the most resilient and powerful forms of brand recognition due it its ability to infuse the company’s image with character, novelty and instant association. Cartoon Dev is a website launched by talented illustrators to create these distinctive corporate logos for any company.

Cartoon Dev follow a five step process to take a character from concept to completion on behalf of their clients. After a detailed discussion of the company’s value, image, energy and approaches, the cartoonists will draft several ideas for a character logo, and once the company is happy, this initial hand-drawn pencil illustration will be cleaned up digitally and colorized before a second draft is submitted for notes. When the client is happy, the logo is finalized. These logos can be purchased either individually or in packages, and come with copyright so the company needn’t ever worry about licensing.

Cartoon Dev’s company logo design services are unique in that they offer hand crafted custom quality while remaining an affordable and personable approach to branding.

A spokesperson for Cartoon Dev Explained, “Every company logo designer we employ has years of experience as an illustrator and is passionate about developing original creations. The originality of a logo is paramount in making it easily associated with your brand alone. Take a look at our portfolio and you’ll see no two designs are alike, though they all share the common factors of being hand drawn to original specifications, full of good humor and bright colors. These logos have made their companies instantly recognizable: customers only have to see it once to remember it forever.”

About Cartoon Dev
Cartoon Dev delivers the most unique, inventive and fresh cartoon logos that speak louder than words and become brand mascots for the company it represents. Their team of professional cartoonists keep in mind various significant aspects about the company it designs for, such as what does the company deal into, markets they are spread across, the culture, mission and vision of the company before they begin to conceptualize their ideas on paper. For more information, please visit: