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Milford, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/15/2018 -- Carydean Enterprises is a NJ-based company dedicated to turning dreams into reality. They design, develop, and manufacture both wearable and handheld electronic devices for industry professionals and consumers alike.

Their phone case And More ™ is more than just an iPhone case. It solves the three biggest complaints that consumers have about iPhones.

Many people experience a lot of difficulty with the iPhone's low battery life. With And More ™, users can eliminate their battery problems with the push of a button. And More ™ has a 2100mah battery, giving users the charge they need, anywhere, anytime. There is no loss of iPhone utility necessary, as And More ™ easily doubles the iPhone's battery life.

The iPhone's storage space is another obstacle that owners struggle with. There are all kinds of tips and tricks for freeing up space. Many recommend deleting older photos, uploading and storing content in the cloud by paying online providers and even offloading content onto a Windows PC or Mac. None of these options are very appealing to most iPhone users. Continuously deleting older photos can be time-consuming. Uploading content onto the cloud is often expensive, depending on the amount of data one has, and stressing over cables and manual transfers while offloading one's content can be a chore.

And More ™ makes it easy by allowing files and photo to be copied from one's iPhone to a built-in Micro SD card. If the SD card gets full, users can easily eject it and insert a new one.

The loss of the iPhone's audio jack has been especially irksome to many owners. There is no fix for it, except to buy another device to replace it. And More ™, however, provides an audio port for the existing headphones.

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Carydean Enterprises LLC is an NJ-based company which turns imagination into reality. They design, develop, and manufacture both wearable and handheld electronic devices for consumers and industry professionals alike.

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