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Casa De San Pedro Anticipates Abundant Spring Migration

Arizona Bed & Breakfast Plans Exciting Activities Ahead of 2016 Spring Migration


Hereford, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/30/2016 -- As we put the winter days behind us and enter into spring, Casa de San Pedro B&B is frequented by hundreds of bird species migrating over their beautiful grasslands, canyons, and along the San Pedro River wetlands. The bed and breakfast has an ideal location on the San Pedro River that provides perfect pathway for birds to follow the river's green stripe through the Sky Islands of Southeastern Arizona. Casa de San Pedro hosts weekly river walks with the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory (SABO) through April and May. SABO hosts hummingbird bandings, and the Southwest Wings Birding Festival holds their Spring Fling Birding Event, and other activities are available during the local birding festival. During Spring Migration, new arrivals of bird species show up daily. Many types of Orioles, Buntings, Warblers, Kingbirds, and Hummingbirds are most likely to be seen during this time period.

Casa de San Pedro Bed & Breakfast is a nationally acclaimed Arizona Inn located 10 acres adjacent to the San Pedro River. Guests of the Inn can view up to 355 species of birds and hundreds of butterflies. The birds are funneled through the surrounding mountains, following the river which provides water, shelter, and food for their long journey. In addition, the Southeastern Arizona Observatory will host adventurous spring river walks and hummingbird banding. The Southwest Wings Spring Fling (May 4-7) features many field trips to all of their local birding hot spots with local guides.

Casa de San Pedro is one of the most romantic Arizona getaways in addition to being the most upscale Southern Arizona Bed and Breakfast. Karl Schmitt, Owner of Casa de San Pedro, commented: "Naturalists, bird watchers, history buffs and environmentalists have heralded our Inn as a world-class accommodation with a heart. Guests are privy to world class bird watching, hiking, biking, Old West History, a Naturalist setting, comfort, and hospitality. Spring is one of our best seasons – allowing guests to fully enjoy the wonderful oasis of Casa de San Pedro and great bird-watching."

About Casa de San Pedro
Casa de San Pedro was built in 1996 by 5 partners, who designed it as a premiere lodging destination for birders. Casa de San Pedro is a perfect getaway for relaxing, hiking, bird-watching. The inn features a central courtyard with fountain and flowers surrounded by flying birds and butterflies. The Inn is perfect as a retreat locale for management planning teams, professional groups, clubs, organizations, and reunions. They provide opportunities to read, complete a diary, plan hikes, meet other guests, and gather tips on local hikes.
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