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Casa Xelaju Now Offering Exclusive Internships in Guatemala


Quetzaltenango, Guatemala -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/18/2014 -- Many students these days can be seen to be looking for internships abroad these days because not only does that allow them to add up to their experience but it also enables them to have a lot of fun in the long run. However, the process of getting the best kinds of internships is not as easy as it may look like but with the help of Casa Xelaju, it has now become possible. A wide range of internship programs at Casa Xelaju does not only help students gain all the knowledge they need but it is also responsible for making them tackle all the local issues in Guatemala.

Internship in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala is now only a step away from all the interested students. Therefore, they are highly recommended to get to know all there is about it by visiting at the earliest convenience. What’s important is the fact that students can easily contribute to the social problems that are being currently faced in Guatemala. Not only is this a great way to help the area where they will be interning, but it is also the best way for them to have raw, professional and educational experience in the long run. Mostly, the interns at these programs are said to be spirited and highly motivated, which is what has kept the reputation of Casa Xelaju so high for the past couple of years.

The summer opportunities offered by various foundations can be exclusive and by choosing Casa Xelaju for internships, students can really get to see how the real Guatemala is, which is exactly what they want in the first place. The best part is the fact that the foundation tends to get involved with many social events that does not only keeps the interns busy, but also gives them something valuable to do with the time they have on their hands.

In order to intern abroad in Guatemala, students are suggested to choose Casa Xelaju as it is highly well-known and has a lot of notable international connections that can land them the internships of their dreams. The contacts which are used by Casa Xelaju are what allow students to be placed under supervised internships in the long run. Casa Xelaju is proud to reveal that it is well-connected with local and international universities, agencies, development projects and many other reputable places.

About Casa Xelaju
Casa Xelaju offers exclusive programs for students in Guatemala in order to provide them with adequate professional and educational experience.

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