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Casa Xelaju Offers Spanish Immersion for High School Students in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala


Quetzaltenango, Guatemala -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2014 -- For people who are unaware of the term, immersion programs are also commonly known as language immersion programs. These are teaching classes where students are taught a second language by conducting all basic studies in the second language. For example, the English speaking student who wants to learn French will be taught other subjects, like math, biology, social studies and the like, in French so that they get used to its usage. The immersion way of learning has been touted as cone of the best ways to learn a new language. The experts at Quetzaltenango were able to realize this early on and have introduced a special Spanish immersion program for high school students. has introduced the program as part of their ‘Summer for Teens’ package. It is the Guatemala’s longest running educational and travel program that has established itself in the country as an effective Spanish learning tool. The program is accredited by the Secretary of Education in Guatemala and both higher and middle class students who take consistent Spanish classes, IB, CIS and AP in their high schools are able to enroll in the package. Volunteer work is a required field in the program. This is done in small groups or communities who travel around the city while performing particular services for the society. As in added bonus, the place is paradise on Earth. It is full of beautiful villages, sceneries, beaches and the like. It also incorporates both a rural and urban culture with many different types of people living together in the area. It exposes students to all kinds of beneficial experiences and it truly is a learning experience for them.

The program has been running for twenty-six years now, so the organizers know what they are about. The prices are very affordable and the program is accredited by nearly all institutions the world over. Free trips and personal guides are provided to enrich the overall experience of the trip. All in all, it is an adventurous and fun involvement which all people need to experience.

Some common activities may include shopping days, bracelet making days and days dedicated to volunteer work. Of course, it would not be a Spanish experience without a fiesta. A full day has been dedicated to the activity where dancing, skits, dinner and piñata will be practiced. There are also salsa classes to enroll in. time has also been given to sight-seeing and community activities.

About Casa Xelaju
Casa Xelaju has been operating since many years in order to successfully offer high end Spanish and related programs in order to increase awareness regarding all the issues in Guatemala.

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