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Cascone Auto Sport Expands Services to Include Road Porsche Servicing & Enhancements

Cascone Auto Sport spent ten years tuning Porsche’s for the racetracks, and has now expanded their services to include servicing, enhancements and modifications for the road-ready Porsche.


Melbourne, VIC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/27/2014 -- Porsche are singular in all car brands for attracting an avid following for drivers who will accept no substitutes. For them, driving a Porsche is like driving no other car, but the one thing that Porsche are so often criticized for is their high level of homogeneity in design and finishing. Cascone Auto Sport ( )has been tuning Porsches to make them unique racing machines for a decade, and recently took to tuning and servicing Porsches for the road. Now however, they are offering enhancements and modifications that can help make Porsche owners feel their car is that little bit more unique.

The enhancements and modifications include genuine and aftermarket accessories that aim to improve the experience of driving a Porsche, whether that be affecting the ride and handling to create the smoothest grand touring experience or modifying the wings and bonnet to generate a more aerodynamic speedster.

The modifications are the latest in a long line of road-worthy extensions in their services. The company originally catered to preparing Porsche’s for the race track, and their engineers know exactly how to take the cars to their limits. Now however they are challenged with finding the limits of luxury and refinement.

A spokesperson for explained, “We are now offering modification and enhancements on road worthy Porsches to help people feel like their Porsche is even more special, and may well have an edge on the one across the street, or at a convention. These enhancements range from the purely cosmetic to the comfort oriented, which includes engineering and tuning the ride and handling, and engine modifications to make the car even more exciting. As such we can mold the Porsche to fit the personality and desires of the driver, making it truly an extension and expression of themselves.”

About Cascone Auto Sport
Cascone Auto Sport was opened in 2012 by Nick Cascone after ten years specializing in Porsche Motorsport tuning and conversions. Conveniently situated just 30 minutes from the CBD, they are the first choice for an independent Porsche Service. Cascone Auto Sport manage all aspects of Porsche care and maintenance, from logbook servicing, to maintenance to modifications and motorsport.

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