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Cash Advance Company Announces Theme Song Contest Winner


Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2011 -- At some point, most people will need help with a cash advance. From car trouble to medical bills, college tuition and every day expenses like groceries, gas, and clothing, having more days left than dollars is a common and stressful scenario.

Since 1997, CashAdvance.com has helped millions of people get the emergency funds they need quickly, securely, and easily.

Recently, the online cash advance company held a theme song contest, inviting consumers to submit original song entries that would capture the essence of CashAdvance.com and stand as the company’s theme song. According to company spokesperson Matt Becker, the cash advance contest was a huge hit with customers.

“We had a ton of entries,” says Becker. “It was hard choosing just one winner, but in the end, we selected a rap song performed by four people: two young men who spoke of the many benefits of CashAdvance.com while two young ladies performed back-up by with acrobatic choreography.”

“Established in 1997 to offer people cash, it’s quick and convenient, it’s secure, it’s easy and it’s fast,” one of the singers rapping about the company.

To receive a cash advance, no credit check is required, meaning that cash-strapped customers will be on their way to paying their bills even sooner.

“We know that there exist many channels through which to obtain emergency cash quickly,” Becker said. “You could go to the corner payday loan lender, talk to a bank, or try any of the hundreds of websites claiming to fulfill your wildest dreams with their cash advances, but using CashAdvance.com is by far the most convenient and secure resource, and as a bonus, it can all be done from home.”

Customers who rely on CashAdvance.com gain access to the nation’s largest network of trusted lenders, and are strategically matched to the lender and loan that best suits their needs.

“Our precision matching service ensures that you receive the best loan at the best possible rates and in the most convenient manner possible,” Becker said. “Once you go to a physical cash advance location, you most likely will not be willing to go through the application process and travel time required to get to another one.”

“That’s why,” as the contest winners declare in the winning video, “online with an instant application you can get your cash today. CashAdvance.com is the best site on the internet, and that’s all that’s left to say.”

To see the winning video, click on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QMBIhVUk-c&feature=channel_video_title