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Cash Advance Loans Continue to Help Americans Get Through Tough Financial Times


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2012 -- In today’s volatile economy and disappointing job market, the idea that money makes the world go ‘round has never been more poignant; especially when a person or family is a lacking the funds they need to make ends meet between paychecks.

As the cost of goods and services continue to increase and incomes stay stagnant, this ever-growing issue is leading numerous people to utilize cash advances. Unlike traditional bank loans, these short-term cash loans are typically easier to obtain and can be received very quickly.

But knowing where to find a cash advance at the best rate can be difficult.

To obtain a hassle-free, speedy cash advance, people throughout the U.S. can now turn to the recently launched site IGotFunds.com. Featuring an easy-to-use online loan application, the site helps connect people with their wide array of trusted moneylenders offering cash advances of $500+. For those people in need of a higher level of funds with a longer payback period, the site also offers a secure outlet for personal loans of up to $5,000.

With the site’s online loan application, customers interested in obtaining a cash advance can receive approval within a little as one hour from the time of submission. Once approved, they will begin receiving no-obligation loan offers from an assortment of qualified lenders. If a customer decides to move forward with a lender’s terms and conditions, they can have their cash advance deposited directly into their checking account within one business day.

The repayment process for cash advances is just as stress-free. Lenders simply withdraw the owed funds from a borrower’s checking account on the agree upon due date, which is usually by the borrower’s next payday.

For people in need larger sums of money and a longer payback timeframe, IGotFunds.com also features personal loans from a host of reputable lenders. Personal loans typically offers lower interest rates, but do require some type of collateral from the borrower.

Regardless of the type of loan a person requires or the reason for their needed funds, IGotFunds.com aims to help meet their requests as seamlessly and quickly as possible.

According to https://IGotFunds.com, “We take pride in offering a one-of-a-kind service in order to pair our customers with only legitimate and reliable payday moneylenders and personal loan lenders. Financial shortfalls are inevitable and we know that, which is why we are here to help you find fast cash which you need from the best accessible source.”

For more information, visit https://IGotFunds.com

About IGotFunds.com
Recently launched, IGotFunds.com provides secure and speedy cash advances and personal loans. While not a lender, the site helps connect people with their wide range of trusted moneylenders located throughout the U.S. The site features an easy-to-use online-loan application and offers top-notch customer service.