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Casing Pipe: Specially Designed for the OCTG Applications

Casing Pipe: The Critical OCTG Component


Katy, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2015 -- Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) are the seamless rolled structured products specially built for the specific pipe-lining applications. Their dimensions are dependent on the type of application for which they are being utilized. They have to be quite withstanding as they are placed underground.

The casing pipe is one of the most important components of the applications based on the transportation of the oil, natural gas and the other resources. They are typically meant for the drilling, exploration, and production of the conventional resources. The casing pipe meets all standards necessary for oil and gas transmission and can complement other OCTG tubular and connection products. With these semi-premium connections, they offer specially designed and engineered products to defy today's drilling and casing applications.

What Type Of Material Is Required For Manufacturing The Casing Pipe?

OCTG are meant for the long-term applications. It is quite difficult to carry a regular and periodic maintenance of the casing pipes. Hence, they are specially designed and engineered to withstand drilling and casing applications. Casing and tubing are the key portions of OCTG. The important parameters while manufacturing OCTG are - surface, protection, production, and casing. Hence, the grades, size, and weight of the casing pipe should meet the exact requirements of the specified applications.

Special Specifications of the High-Quality Casing Pipes

The casing pipe possesses some specifications according to the latest applications. It should possess the latest state-of-the-art techniques. The thickness of the pipe is customized according to the type of application. They possess excellent comprehensive mechanical properties. They perform consistently even at high temperature. Moreover, the quality of the material is completely corrosion resistant.

The standard size specifications of the casing pipes should include:

- Continuous mandrel-rolling process and the push bench process for sizes between 21 and 178 mm OD.
- Plug mill rolling for sizes between 140 and 406 mm OD.
- Cross-roll piercing and Pilger rolling for sizes between 250 and 660 mm OD.

The manufacturers of the casing pipes make sure that they include the features in the OCTG applications like - high fatigue resistance, torque over resistance, and interchangeable solution.

They can also be implemented for the shale wells, SAGD liners, geothermal wells and high-torque applications like drilling. The casing pipes are also manufactured for the domestic applications.

Third Party Certification Of The Casing Pipes

The Government has made it compulsory for the companies that manufacture OCTG goods, to perform the third-party testing of the casing pipes. The third party registrar should be in the conformance with the ISO 9001, which covers the Quality Management System Requirements.

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