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Casino Insider with 36 Year Experience Offers Helpful Advice

Gives a shot on the arm to gambling enthusiasts


Petoskey, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2014 -- Mark Pilarski, a renowned name in the casino industry who has spent over 36 years in the business, has offered invaluable insight for the benefit of players.

Casinos definitely have their attraction for people all over the world and there are many who want to try out their luck and get returns. But it doesn’t often work out like that because the industry functions with the objective of sending the players home, empty-handed. So irrespective of the skills one might display or the luck factor in their favour, chances are that players don’t make any money after their trip to the casino.

Mark Pilarski has spent around 18 years in seven different casinos in Nevada and now writes the hugely popular column Deal Me In. According to him, before one ventures into casino-play, one should have some kind of inside guidance. “The casinos prefer the ignorant masses, and counts on their patrons to make misguided wagers that can have a house edge as high as 20%. Against these obstacles players need education rather than luck to beat casinos,” he says.

That’s where some of the products offered by Mark Pilarski come into the picture. For example, there is the Hooked On Winning, which is a 2.5 hours updated version that brings the current trends in the casino business on audio format for the benefit of users. It also has practical money management strategies for gamblers. There’s also the Casino Tips That Will Save You Some Serious Ka-ching audio that consists of over 100 minutes of gambling tips from the insider.

Deal Me In and More Deal Me In features some of the best columns from Mark Pilarski and makes players aware of the odds that are stacked in the favour of casinos. While each of these “smarts” are available for $0.99, you can get Laminated Strategy Cards for $1. These are strategy cards for games like Blackjack and poker, which can go a long way in evening out the odds Casinos have to a great extent.

While audios Hooked on Winning and Casino Tips That Will Save You Some Serious Ka-Ching can be downloaded on, and Google Play, users can get Kindle eBooks, Deal Me in and More Deal Me In at

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