Castle Clash Gaining Popularity Thanks to Marketing & 3rd Party Websites


Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2014 -- Castle Clash has become very popular over the last couple months and IGG Inc has more than just marketing to thank for it! There has been a huge development in 3rd party websites as of late that provide tips on how to take advantage of the different features Castle Clash has to offer to its users. Sites such as these are gaining a foot hold in the online community and are pushing the popularity of the game to an all new level!

Castle Clash is a free to play game on Android and Apple devices. The game involves players building a base and battling other players online or attacking non player dungeons. It is a fast-paced strategy game of epic proportions. Some features of this game which make it quite addicting are thrilling and realistic battles with mythical creatures, the ability to join guilds to battle along side one’s friends, and a 128 dungeon campaign.

3rd party websites such as play a huge role in the success that Castle Clash has been showing. Not only are sites such as this one a great place for players to find tips and cheats for Castle Clash, but they also help the game expand and reach more users through online communities such as YouTube or Reddit. If users of Castle Clash understand everything the game has to offer and enjoy it more because of that, they will only tell more of their friends about it!

Castle Clash Tips is a website that provides exactly what its name entails! They give users of Castle Clash strategy guides for attacking and defending, tips on how to upgrade heroes, ways to earn free gems within Castle Clash and so much more. “We wanted to create a website where fans and players of Castle Clash could come together and learn on how to improve their base and the way they play the game. Games are only fun when you understand them and know how to succeed in them. We provide ideas on how to do so,” says Bobby Jones, founder and operator of

About is an online community of Castle Clash fans and game users. They provide a portal for these individuals to share the experiences they have gained from playing Castle Clash. They also share incites with them on how to succeed in the game. Examples include strategy guides, sample base layouts, hero upgrade guides and more!